We offer custom embroidery services for a variety of apparel including jackets, shirts, tote bags, caps and more. Whether for work, sports or a family reunion, we can create the right look for your brand, team or look.

Custom screen printing is available for a variety of apparel. Our skilled staff will deliver high quality products for causal or professional wear.

ChromaBlast transfer
ChromaBlast is a professional heat transfer ink solution for cotton and cotton-blend fabrics. This method produces long-lasting, vibrant designs on cotton t-shirts, leaving them with a soft feel and superior washability.

Heat Transfers
We use specialized inks, papers, and industrial heat press technology to achieve results you may think were screen printed. Logos, emblems or designs can be transferred to apparel, and are bonded with the fabric rather than applied on top.

We can help you create an attractive high-quality banner for your business, sports team, or personal use.

Acrylic, Plastic & Aluminum Signs
Our acrylic, plastic and aluminum signs can help you get your desired message noticed. They are durable and visually attractive, making them the perfect method to display your brand, logo, event and more.

Print your message on a grand scale to ensure that your message is known. Our billboards are high quality and durable, resulting in long lasting outdoor images.

Magnets can make a powerful marketing tool, ensuring your brand or contact information is never far away. They also make great gifts or favours, and can be customized to suit any business or personal use.

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering
Vehicle Graphics & Lettering : Our sign services include vehicle graphics and lettering for business and personal use. This includes business logos and signs, turning your vehicle into a marketing tool.

Window Lettering
We can help you create an eye-catching window display by turning your windows into effective advertising space.

Illuminated Signs
Illuminated signs can help attract attention to your brand or message. They are available in various shapes and forms to suit your preferences and needs.

Printed awnings are a great way to display an image, communicate a message or create a mood, making them a great opportunity for businesses to attract customers.

Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterheads & Carbonless Forms
We print stationary, including business cards, envelopes, corporate letterheads, and carbonless forms. This ensures that your brand, logo and message are delivered effectively across your marketing materials.

Self Inking Stamps
Self-inking stamps are convenient and easy to use. They can feature any personalized message you desire, saving time when used on document after document.

Notary Seals
We create customized notary seals for use by notaries and corporations.

Promotional Items
We carry a wide selection of promotional products than can be customized, including pens, water bottles, mugs and more. Almost any item can be adorned with your logo or design to be used to help brand your company, be given as a gift, or to say “thank you”.

Work Wear
We offer screen printing and embroidery on work wear, including uniforms, vests and more. Create a cohesive corporate identity for your workforce by featuring your logo or message on your work wear.

Team Sportswear
We can handle any screen printing or embroidery you need for your sports team. From t-shirts to tank tops to shorts, we can customize them with your logo or design of choice.

Corporate & Casual Clothing
We offer a variety of apparel including shirts, jackets, pants and more. Whether a company logo or personal design, we can handle orders both large and small.

Whether for everyday wear, team uniforms or promotional giveaways, our headwear can be customized with the design of your choice. Caps and toques can be screen printed or embroidered with your company logo, team emblem or any kind of personal design.

and much more